ENG402 Graduation Project

Meeting Schedule: Wednesday(11 AM) B311
Course Description: Graduation project course is not an actual course but a project. Every student must complete the assigned project show their knowledge and skills.
Note(s): –
Credit Hours: 3
ECTS Credits: 7
Course Policies:

  • General
    • A meeting will be made every week
    • You are expected to present your progress for the week to others
    • At the end of the semester you must prepare your graduation report/thesis
    • If you can not deliver your report in time, you will receive “I” as final grade, late report submission will decrease your potential grade.
    • If you can not deliver your report at make-up exam week, your grade will be “F“.
    • After the deadline no reports will be accepted.
  • Grades
    • Grades in the C range represent performance that meets expectations; Grades in the B range represent performance that is substantially better than the expectations; Grades in the A range represent work that is excellent.
    • Grades will be maintained in OBS. Students are responsible for tracking their progress by referring to the online gradebook.
  • Labs and Assignments
    • Students are expected to work independently. Offering and accepting solutions from others are an act of plagiarism, which is a serious offense and all involved parties will be penalized according to the Academic Honesty Policy. Discussion amongst students is encouraged, but when in doubt, direct your questions to the professor, tutor, or lab assistant. No late assignments will be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Attendance and Absences
    • According to the University rules, regulations, and guidelines (Chapter Four, Section related to the attendance, Item 25, first clause [in Turkish]), all students should attend at least 70% of the lectures throughout the semester of interest. Students who do not meet the attendance criterion will fail with the letter grade “IA”. It is students’ responsibility to follow up with their intermittent attendance status throughout the semester. The instructor will not announce and/or disseminate the attendance status of the students.
    • Students are responsible for all missed work, regardless of the reason for absence. It is also the absentee’s responsibility to get all missing notes and/or materials.

Academic Honesty Policy:

See Academic Honesty page.


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